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The Buzz "About Us"

Products with a Message -

Our goal is to “Bee” more than a bulb in a box. We think inside and outside of the box with our message of energy savings and conservation. 

Our “Bee Green” name and packaging reminds consumers they can feel good about their earth friendly contribution by purchasing our LED bulbs.

Bee Green LED bulbs are available in three convenient packages for dealers and retailers:

1) Compact individual clamshell

2) 5 Pack bulk*

3) 20 pack bulk*

*As part of our conservation effort we offer bulk packages which have a tamper-proof seal.
Once seal strip is removed there is a convenient
re-closable zip bag.
Our bulk package program is designed to eliminate all those extra clam shells from hitting the landfill and at the same time allows us to offer better pricing to our customers.

Bee Green LED bulbs are designed to provide more light intensity with better light spread and less shadows. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product with certifications including CE, ROHs and TUV (G4 models) and we offer a 2 year warranty.

  Unique items
With an offering of over 60+ LED bulb styles, we are continually adding products as we strive to keep pace with the latest technological advances.  We pride ourselves in “Beeing” one of the few companies to offer LED Bulbs which contain a fuse and transient suppressor for protection from current overload and voltage spikes (see individual product specs for details).

We “Beelieve” honesty is the best policy.  We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers which includes offering a quality product; delivering on time; versatility in program offerings; and ongoing customer service.

  We love what we do - 
Yes, we love the “Bee” jokes!  
Joking aside, we do enjoy our work and take great pleasure in offering the best customer service we can provide. (We want to “Bee” all we can be!)

Our current selection is only a portion of the products we have access to. We anticipate adding "A series" LED lights, automotive LED lights, and commercial 120v-240v LED fixtures in the near future.

Please feel free to contact us with your inquires.

Thank you for your interest.

The Bee Green LED brand name is owned by SalVinCo LLC, Sarasota, FL